Translation / Tradução: Specialisms / Especializações


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E-commerce / Websites 
– Translation of website: UK Beauty retailer platform (ENG>PT)
– Translation of website: Portuguese music producer (PT>ENG)
– Translation of a coaching website (ENG>PT)

Mobile Apps

– Translation of a language learning mobile app (ENG>PT)

– Translation of an anti-virus software app (ENG>PT)

– Translation of +350 marketing articles for a French Hotel chain (FR/ES>PT)
– Organization of tour guides and “what to see” leaflets for academic tourism (PT>ENG)
– Translation of marketing/tourism materials: real estate agency (ENG>PT)


– Translation of news pieces for a music channel’s FB page (ENG>PT)

– Translation of advertising materials: Portuguese meat processing company (PT>ENG)
– Translation of a marketing interview for a US Pharmaceutical company (ENG>PT)
– Translation of advertising materials for a Portuguese confectionery company (PT>ENG)
– Translation of texts for an Airline Company (ENG>PT)

International Development and Social Cooperation / Education
– Translation of briefing materials, campaign site and activities – 100 Million Campaign (ENG>PT)
– Translation of educational materials for Universities and NGOs in Africa. (ENG>PT)
– Translation of briefing and campaign materials for the UNHCR. (ENG>PT)

Academic Papers/Books
– Translation of academic paper on “Racism in translation” – Prof. Zita Nunes, U. Maryland. (ENG>PT)
– Translation of academic articles on History of Art in Portugal – churches and castles (PT>ENG)
– Translation of academic articles on the Portuguese Marranos, the Jewish Diaspora and Captain Barros Basto by Prof. Elvira Mea, U. Porto. (PT>ENG)
– Translation and interpretation in a Seminar on African Trade Unions – U. Porto (PT>FR)
– Translation of academic articles on foreign language teaching in older adults – U. Porto (PT>ENG)

– Translation of articles and summaries for 3 academic book collections on Social Sciences
– Translation of articles and summaries for an international academic Journal on African Studies

Literature and non-fiction books
– Translation of “Jewish Porto” by Elvira Mea (PT>ENG)
– Translation of “Uma profunda calentura universal” by Eduardo Pinto (ENG>PT)
– Translation of “Farewell, goodbye” by Eduardo Pinto (PT>ENG)