Translation/Tradução – Portfolio

• Domain: Tourism/Travel
– Translation of articles for a Hotel chain (FR>PT)
– Content writer for a travel magazine (PT)

• Domain: Marketing
– Translation of a website for a Portuguese music producer (PT>ENG)
– Translation of marketing/tourism materials for a real estate agency (ENG>PT)
– Translation of advertising materials for Vieira de Castro confectionery (PT>ENG)

• Domain: Human rights (NGO)
– Translation of campaign materials, monthly reports and website – 100 Million Campaign (ENG>PT)
– Translation of an online course for INEE (ENG>PT)

• Domain: Literature
– Translation of “Uma profunda calentura universal” by Eduardo Pinto (ENG>PT)
– Translation of “Farewell, goodbye” by Eduardo Pinto (PT>ENG)

• Domain: Education /Psychology
– Translation of educational materials for One World University, Mozambique (PT>ENG)
– Translation of a coaching website (ENG>PT)

• Domain: Geography
– Translation of a book on the Okavango Delta (ENG>PT)

• Domain: Finance (Banking)
– Translation of Q&A for a Dutch bank (PT>ENG)
– Translation of documents on Forex trading for a UK bank (ENG>PT)

Domain: History
– Translation of an article on History of Art in Portugal – churches and castles. (PT>ENG)
– Translation of articles on the Portuguese Marranos and the Portuguese Jewish Diaspora (PT>ENG)
– Translation and interpretation in a Seminar on African Trade Unions – U. Porto (PT>FR)

• Domain: Linguistics
-Translation of an article on foreign language teaching in older adults – U. Porto (PT>ENG)

• Domain: Legal
– Translation of legal documents for a UK notary (PT>ENG)
– Translation of legal documents for a Macanese security company (PT>ENG)