Testimonials / Recomendações

What my clients say about my work:

O que os meus clientes dizem sobre o meu trabalho:

Date From Relationship Feedback
11 September 2017 Barbara Haller Rietschel, H2M (PT/Netherlands) Outsourcer


Working with Raquel was a very pleasant and professional experience. All on schedule and high quality.
21 June 2017 Zita Nunes, Univ. Maryland (US) Outsourcer Professional, timely, thorough, detail-oriented, excellent command of formal and informal language. Will definitely work with Raquel again.
15 June 2017 Alexander Keese, Université de Genève (Suisse) Outsourcer If ever you try to find someone really reliable, serious, friendly, and brilliant (a unique combination), Raquel is your first choice. I have a long experience of working with translators and copy-editors, and this is about the best you get can get.
14 June 2017 José Ramiro Pimenta, Univ. Porto (PT) Colleague Excellent
18 March 2018 Carla Augusto (PT)


Outsourcer; translator Translations into English. High quality work. Complies with deadlines and requirements.
8 October 2018


Lingorama (US) Translation agency I hired Raquel for a tight-scheduled project. She was top-notched, willing to take suggestions, working under really tight deadline and most importantly delivering the translated project on time. Do not hesitate to contact.

Source :  https://www.proz.com/feedback-card/2257663