My work experience / Experiência profissional


  • 2015 – ongoing project
    Domain: Journalism/Social Sciences/Literature
    Translation of an Afro-Portuguese newspaper from the 1920’s for the project: Digital Bilingual (Portuguese/English) Edition of Correio de Africa [Africa Mail] Newspaper (1921-24) with Scholarly Apparatus (PT-ENG). This project has been awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavour – University of Maryland, USA.


  • Domain: Education (NGOs)
    – Translation of materials for the 100 Million Campaign – (ENG-PT)
  • Domain: Linguistics
    -Translation of scientific paper on foreign language teaching in older adults – U. Porto. (PT-ENG)
  • Domain: Marketing (tourism)
    – Translation of marketing material for a real estate agency (ENG-PT)
  • Domain: Marketing (gastronomy)
    – Translation of materials about the history of a 75-year-old confectionery/biscuit company. (PT-ENG).
  • Domain: Education
    – Translation of studying materials for One World University, Mozambique. (PT-ENG)


  • Domain: Literature/Psychology/Philosophy
    – Translation of “Uma profunda calentura universal” by Eduardo Pinto (ENG-PT)
  • Domain: Literature
    – Translation of “Farewell, goodbye” by Eduardo Pinto (PT-ENG)
  • Domain: Finance/Banking
    – Translation of documents on Forex trading for a UK bank (ENG-PT)
  • Domain: History
    – Translation of a scientific paper on the Portuguese Marranos. (PT-ENG).
  • Domain: History
    -Translation and interpretation in a Seminar on African Trade Unions – University of Porto. (PT-FR)
  • Domain: Legal
    – Translation of legal documents for a UK notary (PT-ENG)
    – Translation of legal documents for a Macanese security company (PT-ENG)
  • Domain: Hydraulics (machinery)
    – Translation of a Hydraulic Power Unit manual for a company’s website (ENG-PT)


Management and administration of a scientific association and R&D Unit, University of Porto – 1998–2015.
▪Translation and revision of scientific papers and articles for conferences and for publishing in international scientific journals
▪Administrative management of R&D Unit
▪Administrative management of European grants
▪Administrative management of NGDO activities in Africa
▪Representation of the R&D Unit in embassies, universities, companies and other strategic partners
▪Planning and organization of scientific events (meetings, congresses and exhibits)
▪Coordination of the edition of a scientific journal and three book collections
▪ Web site management – back office

1996 – Trainee Translator
Domain: Journalism
International Section – JN – Portuguese newspaper, Porto (Portugal).